Saturday, July 16, 2011

Strawberry Days 2011

We weren't able to hit all the events this year at Strawberry Days because we headed out of town to Texas. But in one day we did everything we could. . .first up was the baby contest.

Hudson won last year but he was still under the age requirement this year so I decided to put him in again. He was very shy with the judges but he smiled and totally flirted with them.

Laci entered her little boy, Kruz as well. How cute is he??!!

These 2 little boys are so cute together. They will be best buds growing up! I love that Laci and I have girls the same age and now boys that are very close in age too! It sure makes for some fun!!

After a yummy lunch at Pizza Factory we came back for the results. . .and BOTH Hudson and Kruz won!! I was so excited to have him win again!

Both of them with their trophy's. I was sad we weren't able to be here for the parade because both him and Brookie would have been in it.

After the baby contest we headed home for a nap, then walked in the children's parade (no pictures) so we could get 2 free rides to the carnival and a stamp for Brookie to get into the rodeo for free and a free glacier to Taco Amigo!! Totally worth it!
We then left Hudson with Aunt Coleen and went to the carnival to use our free rides (again no pictures.) After waiting in line for forever for those 2 rides we called it quits and headed back home where we met Daddy and went to the rodeo. And of course got Strawberries 'n' cream!!

It made for a very long day, cramming everything in 24 hours but I and love Strawberry Days!!!

Oh, earlier in the week Laci and I took the kids to the free family swim day. The kids loved it! I had to put all these pictures up because it's always a treat to get a good picture of 5 kids.