Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Manti Canyon

My weekends are great but at the same time suck!! I get to spend all weekend with Brookie but we don't see Daddy at all. I usually spend time with my family. Last weekend they were going camping down in Manti Canyon. I wasn't going to go but then last minute I decided to, since I didn't have anything better going on. It was a short trip. Me and Brookie drove down Friday after I got off work and came home Saturday afternoon. It felt like forever to get there, it's about 2 hours away. It was so blasted hot that we didn't really do very much. When we got there Friday night we took a 4-wheeler ride to look for deer, that is Brookie's favorite thing to do and she is usually the first one to spot them. We only saw one though. Saturday morning we woke up and all Brookie wanted to do was watch movies. I said no, we can do that home, so she and Papa went for a 4-wheeler ride while my mom and I went for a walk. We must have been going to the same place because we ran into them on the 4-wheeler so we just hopped on with them and went to this waterfall.

The water was freezing!! I don't know how my dad kept his feet in for so long, mine went numb after about 2 seconds.

It made us have a greater appreciation for the pioneers who had to cross streams in colder weather, I don't know that I could have done the same thing they did.

It was beautiful to be in the mountains. Brooklyn could have stayed entertained all day throwing rocks into the water.

Here she is getting ready to watch a movie while we play cards, but Papa is bugging her, which is pretty common (her to be bugged by Papa.)

I decided to head home early on Saturday, for a couple reasons, 1) I wanted to see Lane and he has a couple hours to spare before he heads back into work Saturday night and 2) I was kind of bored out of my mind. My parents were just being lazy and taking it easy, which is fine, but I wanted to be doing something. So I left in time for Brookie to take a nap on the way home, which is always lovely!

Well my plan to spend some time with Lane back fired on me. When I got home, he wasn't there and he wasn't answering his phone. Which is normal, he never answers my call, it's a huge pet peeve of mine! Anyways, after about 2 hours I'm starting to freak out, I've called everyone I could think of and they haven't heard from him or seen him. Well finally he calls me and tells me they called him in early to the hospital. A note or something would have been good!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Brookie's First Dance Class

I decided to put Brookie in dance class. I was a little worried with how she would do but she loves it!! The first class I had prepared her for about a week telling her she was going to go to dance class and that momma was just going to drop her off and she was going to have fun. She asked if her cousin Kaylie was coming and I told her no you're going to make new friends. She went right in, no fuss! I can watch her through the glass door and I was worried if she saw me sitting there she would freak out and want to come out with me. But she doesn't, she'll see me and smile and wave at me. It's so fun to watch her, she is absolutely adorable!!! I was surprised that she actually did most of the moves. She is the youngest in the class the rest of them are 3, but she seems to be doing just fine.

I just love this little girl!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fourth of July Weekend

Brookie and I headed up to the cabin with my parents for the 4th of July weekend. Here we are first thing in the morning. Brookie is reading books, while I'm preparing for my sharing time lesson which I ended up not even doing because Brookie was sick.
Don't we look lovely in the morning? :)

She finds all the stuffed animals in the cabin and acts like they are her babies. She turned on music and was rocking them. She is going to make a great big sister someday.

Normally when we go to the cabin, we stay there and hang out but this time we headed up to Park City to play. Me, Mom, Kyle and Katelyn went on the Alpine Coaster which was a lot of fun. You ride up to the top of the mountain and then coast down, you can control your speed. They tell you to go full speed the whole time because it's safer, but I was a wuss and slowed down, I felt like I would fall out around some of the corners.
I was being retarded with the seat belt.
Kyle and Katelyn

Brookie was too little to go on the coaster so she hung out with Papa and went on the little kid rides.
Once again, the Merry go Round.

Every since the Strawberry Days carnival she hasn't been scared to go on rides like these.

Then we all went on the Alpine Slide. Here we are on the ski lift.

Brookie obviously didn't want her picture taken. Look at her pout!!
I've never been on the Alpine slide so I was nervous to take Brooklyn on it. So I made my Dad take her. She did not want to go. She was screaming but we got her settled down and she loved it!!

I was going to take Brooklyn to go see fireworks but when we got back to the cabin, she had a really high fever. So we just went home that night and she ended up getting worse. Lane had a front row view to the fireworks at Stadium of Fire. He was at the hospital working, he said they moved all the patients to one window so they could watch them and then all the CNA's and nurses went to another window and watched them. He's on the 7th floors so he had a good view. It was a great holiday other than the fact that poor Brookie got some bug and was sick.

Summer Fun

This is going to be a super long post. The last couple weeks I've tried to take Brookie and do some fun things. We went to the zoo. It was so hot and crowded that we didn't stay very long but it was still fun!
Dad, Kyle and his girlfriend Katelyn

Watching the elephant show
Brookie and Erin
Merry go rounds are her favorite thing!!!
We've been to the new Lindon pool, which we thought was fun! This little girl is a fish, she was scared to go down the slide at first but once we went down it the first time that's all she wanted to do!

We've tried out the water park in Herriman. Best of all, this place is free. But the girls were a little hesitant to get wet.

Brookie and Kaylie just watching.