Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bear Lake Part 2

Sunday morning we got up and had a delicious breakfast then went to the Minnetonka Caves. It was a little drive up a beautiful canyon. We weren't sure what to except of the caves but I had been told they were cool.

It was a guided tour with a maximum of 30 people. Our tour guide was a complete idiot but other than her we really enjoyed it.
Here we are at the entrance of the caves.

We had Hudson all bundled up ready to go. The caves are 40 degrees year round. Lane was a trooper and packed Hudson the whole way. I thought we would be able to take the stroller but come to find out you go up and down 444 steps. . .one way!!! We're guessing he's probably 17-18 pounds. Some of those stairs were pretty steep.
Hudson and Daddy

Brooklyn stayed with either Grandma or Grandpa the whole time because we started walking down the first set of stairs and I almost fell down them. So she said, "mom you're not very good." And didn't want to hold my hand the rest of the time. I don't blame her though.

These caves were really interesting. There are formations all over from something that drips from the ceiling of the cave. How's that for informational! I was paying attention but let's be honest, my attention span is that of a 3 year old!

After the caves we went down to the lake. We were on the North Shore and it wasn't too crowded. We packed a lunch and ate in on the beach then played in the water.

Brookie was having fun burying herself in the sand.
Then she buried Daddy
Guess that wasn't has much fun because then she buried herself again.
Hudson was supposed to be sleeping but apparently talking to Grandma is much more fun!
Rice krispie treat and Dr. Pepper, she's set!!
We went back to the house and Brookie played darts with Daddy while we prepared a delicious Sunday dinner.
She's got great form!

Sunday night Lane's parents left. We packed up Monday morning to head to Logan to go out on a date while Lauren and her friends watched the kids.
Before we left to Logan we grabbed some lunch. This was Hudson's first time sitting in a high chair and his first time trying a french fry!

When we got to Logan I had a text message from my Mom that said to call Dad when I had a minute. So I called him and he said Grandpa was in the hospital and wasn't doing very good. But that they didn't know what was wrong with him and it could be hours before they knew. So we decided to go golfing and then head back home. That sounds terrible that we went golfing but by the time we did get home, my Dad had just barely been able to go see him. They had been running all sorts of tests.
She loves to go golfing. Lane bought her her own club "just her size," as she would say!

I stayed in the cart with the munchkins sweating to death. When we got back to the truck it said it was 90 degrees!

We had such a fun family vacation even though it was cut short it was very much needed!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Bear Lake Part 1

The weekend after Kyle's wedding we took our first and sad to say last vacation of the summer. Such is life though when your husband is in school and works crazy hours. All of Lane's siblings were suppose to come but everyone bailed out on us which was fine so it was just us with the kids and his parents. His parents drove with me Friday afternoon since Lane was finishing finals. We stopped in Logan to see Lauren, Lane's sister. She was working at the fair so we let Brookie ride on some rides while we waited for her to be done working.
She looks like she isn't having fun but I promise she did!
Huddy Buddy with Grandma and Grandpa Pont
Brookie wanted to ride the horse but had a freak out moment (she has those quite frequently) so I had to walk beside her. Afterwards she thought it was so cool!

Then we went to dinner at this amazing place in Logan, I believe it's called Firehouse Pizza and they have an amazing chicken cordon bleu pizza that is to die for. Then we went to this cool place called The Book Table. They have all sorts of books, toys, puzzles and scrapbook supplies.
Love his smile!!

Then we continued on to Bear Lake. We rented a house in Paris, Idaho that was very spacious because we thought more people were coming but it turned out nice. We had the whole upstairs and Lane's parents had the whole downstairs.

Saturday morning we woke up and heading into town. We ate in this wagon which Brookie thought was pretty cool.

Then we took her to this jump house that was outside. Ran her around good so she fell asleep on the way back to the house.

Grandma and Little Man just hung out.

Lane got in about 3:00 in the afternoon, he had his last final. We headed back into town to the Pickleville Playhouse and saw and play called Crazy for You.

Brooklyn absolutely love it, and Hudson was a gem. The playhouse does the play and you can get dinner included. So we headed out back and had a pretty darn good dinner as well. We went back to the house put the kids to bed and stayed up late playing cards and talking with his parents!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kyle's Wedding

My brother Kyle got married on August 10th. He is the last sibling to get married so my parents are officially empty nesters. He was married in the Oquirrh Temple which I had never been there before. It was a great day!
The happy married couple
Our family of 4. It was extremely windy when we came out. Brooklyn was being a stinker and wouldn't smile for any of the pictures.
Look at my 2 handsome boys! Just love them!

Don't mind Hudson's tummy and his flood pants. I borrowed this outfit from a friend and didn't ever put it on him until then. But I guess give him a break the pants are 0-3 month which he hasn't been in that size for awhile. But by the time I realized what size they were it was too late. But nonetheless I think this is a cute picture with Brookie's smile and his tummy hangin out!

Sometimes these 2 get along so great. This was one of those times!
Mommy and Hudson. I just couldn't stand how cute he looked in his tie.
This is Jeff, a very good family friend, and Brookie has sure taken a liking to him. He was trying to get her to cheer up to smile for pictures.

Brookie wouldn't go give Kyle a hug once they came out of the temple so he was coming to get her.
The new Twiggs family, minus the grandkids
Katelyn with all the bridesmaids
Us at the reception
This is my mom's sister Coleen. She has lived in Ohio for about the past year and half and she came back for Kyle's wedding and actually is living with my parents now. We absolutely love having her here. She is the sweetest lady ever!!
All the boys in their pink. Lane was not too thrilled to be wearing this. But he still looks like a stud!
Speaking of studs, look at this little man. I hated the pink bow tie, but the bride was the one who piced it out. He still adorable though!