Saturday, August 27, 2011

18 Months

I am so far behind, a lot has changed around our house lately which hopefully I will get caught up on. But for the moment I'm going to focus on Hudson. He is now 18 months old and his the cutest, sweetest little boy!

At 18 months
Weight: 23 lbs (22%)
Height: 32 in (49%)
Head: 18 in (45%)

Hudson is at a very fun age as well as a very hard age. It's fun because I love his personality, he is so funny! He loves to play with Sissy and explore. He loves to play outside, help Daddy mow the lawn and play in the water. It's also a very hard age because he is into everything and going to the store (grocery, craft, clothing store, restaraunt) doesn't matter where but he is impossible to take!! He won't stay in the cart to save my life, he'd rather get down and run around touching and pulling everything off the shelves!!

I recently have gone back to work part time and the kids are with Lane. So Hudson and Lane have a pretty tight bond now. It was sad at first because he wanted nothing to do with me but it's getting better now. And Brooklyn and Lane have always had a tight bond. It 's hard to be away from them but for the most part they are with Lane getting some Daddy time!

Our camera is broken so all these pictures are from Lane's phone when he has been watching the kids.

Taco Amigo fries and fry sauce!! A favorite of Hudson's.

Lane is such a good Dad. He is far more patient than I am. He takes the kids to the park, mows the lawn, plays outside with them, and feeds them Taco Amgio!!