Friday, October 31, 2008


So I know I'm going to look really lame posting these pictures the same night but I don't have anything to do tonight because Lane is working. Halloween was fun this year, Brookie was really into it, she would knock on the doors and say trick or treat, then tell them thanks and bye.

This is my sister Emily's little boy, Landon he is 18 months old and Brookie calls him "Ya Ya."

This is Kaylie who is Lane's brothers little girl and she is 4 months younger than Brookie. They are so cute together and get along really well. Brooklyn loves to hang out with her and Jayden.

Here the 3 Pont cousins, Kaylie (almost 2), Jayden 3 and Brookie 2.

The class I take Brookie to at the Rec Center once a week had a Halloween party and Daddy came with us today. They had all sorts of games and treats.

This was the only way to make her go through these tunnell things, I had to go in first and then she would follow me. It wasn't so bad at the beginning but then at the end it got smaller and I barely made it out!

Daddy's forte', golf!!

Digging in the graveyard!

Brookie just being silly!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mommy and Me

Brookie and I go to this Mommy and Me class at the rec center once a week for an hour. This last week we went to Hee Haw farms and went down the slide, took a hay ride, picked out a pumpkin, saw some animals and went through a mini corn maze. I'm enjoying going to class and I think she is too. She is one of the youngest ones and they go up to 3 1/2 years so the first couple weeks was interesting but she's used to it now and loves to come home and show everyone what she made. We always to a project then we have story time which I have a hard time making her sit through because her attention span is like 30 seconds. Then we always have a snack.

The next week we took the pumpkin that she had picked out to class and they got to decorate it, that was fun. But I think her favorite part was we got to make pumpkin pancakes!!!


So every year my sisters and I totally get into So You Think You Can Dance, this year I decided that we should go to one of their concerts. We decided to make it a girls night since none of the guys really wanted to come, they would've come for us though. Frst we went to dinner to Tepanaki one of our favorite restaraunts. These are my sisters, Emily and Erin. Then we went to Baskin Robbins to get dessert and then we made our way over to the E center in SLC. I've never been to a concert before so for me this was one of the coolest things I've ever been too. Our seats were pretty good not great but we could see the faces of the dancers and tell who they were. Mom bought binoculars, she thought we'd be clear up at the top but she didn't even need to use them. After this night we decided that once a month we should all get together and go out and do something fun since we don't spend a lot of time together. We all bought shirts and then talked about it the whole way home!!!

Halloween Party

So I have finally started a blog!!! Well lots has gone on in our lives, for starters I went back to work full-time since Lane and mortgages aren't doing so hot becuase of the economy. I went back to the insurance company I worked at before I had Brooklyn, being a Secretary. Lane right now is in between jobs, he works at Chili's in American Fork which just started out as a part-time second job but now has turned to full-time until he finds a steady job. It kind of sucks right now, I hate going to work everyday 9-5 but we didn't really have a choice... So my work had a Halloween party and Brookie was the cutest Ladybug ever!!

Look at her totally check him out!! It's Big Foot! She was absolutely terrified of him, she kept her eye on him all night long. She started calling him a monkey and then pounding her hands on her chest like a gorilla does. When we got home that night she said, "mom monkey is scary!" After the party Lane and I took her to Chilis to get a chocolate chip molten, we get a 50% discount when Lane comes with us!

Isn't she adorable!!! I made her tutu for about $5 and then my sister in law made the wings and headband. You can't really see her shoes but they are sparkly. If you ask her what she is, she says, "a bug."