Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Something to Remember

Brooklyn said something today that I want to remember. . .

We've been doing the nutcracker for the past two days and running around like crazy. Tonight was no exception. I was at my mom's house dropping Hudson off to be watched to take Brookie to dance. She didn't want to come in, which is surprising, she always wants to go to Grandma's house to see either Grandma, Pa Pa or Coleen. Anyways I take Hudson inside and I'm only there for a couple minutes. I come back out to the car and she is screaming. I finally got her to calm down and tell me what was wrong. She said, "You were taking for so long." Which says all the time. But what was hilarious is then she proceeded to tell me, "you were taking your dear sweet time!"

I say that to her all the time when she taking forever to do something!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Disney on Ice

A couple weeks ago, we had a girls night and took Brookie and her cousin Kaylie to Disney on Ice. We didn't tell them where we were going so when we got there they were both so excited!! First we had dinner at Cheesecake Factory, which has become my new favorite restaurant.Kaylie and Brookie singing with Grandma waiting to be seated.My sweet girl, so excited to watch the show!

Ursala from Little Mermaid was probably her favorite part!
This is how she was pretty much the whole time!!

It was a fun girls night and I definately need to do more with my little girl because she's growing up so fast!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Family Pictures 2010

My computer is being really stupid and these are the only pictures it will let me upload. But we had our pictures taken by my friend Laci who was 9 months pregnant! Such a sport. She did fabulous and I absolutely love them!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

8 Months

Little man is 8 months old, and it's been quite the exciting month. He said his first words. . . Pa Pa!! Which in our house in Grandpa, let's just say I was pretty peeved!! I have been working with him on one word, Ma Ma. . .nothing else. So I called my dad up and said have you brain washed my child? He was pretty proud even though he doesn't associate Pa Pa with him just yet. But I didn't tell my dad that because he was pretty proud! He eventually did say Ma Ma, but I was quite sad those weren't his first words.

He got his first tooth, and then one week later got another. Let's just say that week was pretty rough! He has had 2 ear infections. Add that on top of teething, NO FUN!!

He has started army crawling and rolling all over the place. He's not content to just sit still anymore, he's gotta be moving! He gets up on all 4 and just rocks back and forth. Just within the last few days he has crawled, but only like 2 times and then he falls on his stomach.

He weighs roughly 20 pounds, I only know that because we've been to the doctor for his ear infections. But I'm pretty sure once he's full on crawling he'll maintain that weight.

He loves any and all food. Anything I give him, he doesn't reject!

These pictures we obviously all from Halloween and you can't see his face but it shows the back of his costume which was pretty cute and him just moving around!

He flopped on his back like this and didn't move for a minute. He was so exhausted from trying to move around! He's so cute and we can't get enough of him!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


This was our first year carving pumpkins as a family and I hate to say it but it will probably be our last. Brookie wasn't really into it, as you can tell. She would have rather painted it, which she ended up doing anyways.

We started our festivities by going to the hair school where they have a bunch of activities set up for the kids. It was a big hit last year and was once again this year.

Here is my cute princess, Belle and her baby dragon!

In the car ready to go!
This was bowling, you knocked down the heads. . .kind of creepy!
Story time
He wasn't quite sure what to think of this thing on his head
In front of the haunted house. Brookie said she wanted to go through, which I was very surprised, since she's kind of a scary cat. But she was brave and walked in. . .I hadn't even gotten in and this clown jumps out and scares the crap out of her. Literally, she was shaking she was so scared. Later the clown came and apologized to her and me.
Fishing, I swear we did this like 5 times, it was her favorite!
cake walk
With Grandma Pont and Jayden
Poor Hudson, look at his rosy cheeks. He was so hot in that costume! But he looked so dang cute!
Later that night we went to my parents to have taco soup and corn bread and just hung out for a little while. These are Emily's kids, Landon and Eva.

And last but not least my ward had a trunk or treat but since it was pouring rain it was inside. We were squished into a tiny room with a whole bunch of people. So it was hot and crowded but Brookie didn't care. She got candy and was happy!


This was our first year going to Cornbellys and I think it's safe to say we'll be going back next year. Brookie would've stayed all night if we let her, but it was getting cold and we were hungry. I didn't realize how many pictures I took. We had a really fun family night. We went to Bajio's for dinner and then Purple Turtle for ice cream!!!
Silly Daddy!!

Me and Brookie doing the duck races

Little man just chilled the whole time, such a good baby!

Brookie coming out of the haunted house. . .
then Mommy coming out. . .
She loved it so much, then she took Daddy thru it!
The slides were a big hit!!