Monday, April 27, 2009

St. George

This last weekend we made a girls trip down the St. George. The main reason for going down there was a Doterra Oils conference which my family is really in to. My mom had vertigo which means she pretty much has no balance, dizziness and can't really do anything. So we left Friday night at about 8 and didn't get in until midnight, we struggled to find the condo. Saturday we woke up went to McDonalds for breakfast and they all headed off to the conference which left me to wander St. George all alone. I didn't really want to go to the conference, it cost $25 and didn't seem to intriging. I tried to find the outlet malls but struggled, so I went to Target and then back to the condo. We met up for lunch at this really good pie place.

I met up with Debbie, a friend from high school who lives down there. She came to lunch with us.

Me and Erin

Emily and my mom on the left side. Two really good family friends came along as well, they are really into the oils too, Sherie Warner and Danielle Seegmiller.

After lunch, my mom couldn't really stand or sit for that matter. So me, Emily and Erin headed out to the outlet malls. For my birthday all I asked for was money so I could go shopping. I got $200 and I spent it all!! They were the best birthday presents ever, becuase I got to pick them out!

After shopping we went to dinner at Players Sports Grill, which is a lot like Iggys.

Erin, Mom, me and Emily

Mom, Danielle, and Sherie
The trip was short but a lot of fun!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Here, There and Everywhere

We have been to Chuck E Cheese, Kangaroo Zoo (again), Jump on It, and the Living Aquariam all within the last week and a half. So lots of pitures!!!!

Went to Chuck E Cheese first thing in the morning at 10:00 when they opened and we had the whole places to ourselves. Then when we were leaving at about 11:30 people started coming in, so we planned it right!!

Brooklyn was in "Heaven" to go on all the rides she wanted!!

Here she is putting all her tickets into the ticket counter.

Look at her tongue, whenever she is concentrating really hard she always has her tongue out!

This is what she got with all her tickets, she had one lick and didn't want it anymore.

Jump on It was fun and best of all it was FREE!!! Adults and kids under 3 get in for free which is always great.

Once again she was in "Heaven."

The Living Aquariam is actually really cool. We went wen Brookie we little, she couldn't even walk so she really enjoyed it this time. Here are the Sting Rays, she like to look at them but wouldn't even think of touching them.

All 3 of them were totally enthralled in the froggies!!

Jayden and Brookie

Last but not least, Kangaroo Zoo (again.) I'm sorry to post more pictures of the same thing but we cannot get enough of this little girl. We are truly blessed to have her a part of our family. She brings so much joy into our lives. We are trying to take in every moment with her. She is at the funnest age by far and I love spending time with her.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Fun

I decided to let Brooklyn color eggs this year. We had alot of fun making them.

I love how she always puts her cheek next to mine!

The finished products!!

She was so proud. We really didn't do a whole lot, 6 eggs, one of each color and then we put stickers on them to make a face.

Easter Sunday
This is coming out to her easter basket first thing in the morning.

We had a litte easter egg hunt after she got the stuff in her basket.

These are the only pictures I got of Brooklyn in her Easter dress becuase she was being a stinker and didn't want her picture taken.

Happy Late Easter!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Erin's Wedding

So here are the pictures from Erin's wedding. Nichole did an amazing job with the pictures and I thought the wedding turned out really nice. It was a lot of work on our part but it was beautiful. Brookie was the cutest flower girl ever. She only threw (well more like chucked) one flower at the very end of the isle.

Here are the newlyweds, Erin and Travis.

The Bridesmaids: Travis' step-sister Kelly, Emily, Erin, Me

The Groomsmen: Lane, Kyle, Travis, Travis' best friend Jeff, Uriel

Mom and Dad with the bride
Here is the whole family.

We tried to get some pictures of just the 3 of us but Brookie was being a little stinker and wouldn't smile. I thought she was the cutest thing I've ever see, I know I'm biased but I just couldn't get enough of here and I thought Lane look so good in his tux!

Me and Erin

I love these last pictures, Nichole was just snapping shots of her before we walked down the isle. I was so proud of her that she walked down all by herself. We only practiced the day before at the rehearsal throwing shredded paper. She loved her pretty dress!

I absolutely loved her cake, I thought it was so cute!