Monday, January 11, 2010

Quick Trip

Lane was planning to go to a little town of Jerome, Idaho to follow his cousin around who is a nurse anthesist (which is one of the fields he's contemplating going into.) I decided to tag along since I've cut back my hours at work to 3 days a week, wahoo!!!!
It didn't go quite as planned, Brookie was an absolute pill the entire time and hardly slept. Lane's cousin was on call which meant there wasn't a lot to show Lane. They did get called in to do an epidural on a woman that was 39 weeks pregnant and the baby had died. She still had to deliver the baby. And he got to sit in on a wound closure surgery which was pretty uneventful but Lane got to actually be in the operating room. It was good for Lane to pick his cousin's brain apart about how to live while going to school, good places to go to school and so forth. They took us to the Twin Falls bridge and we drove by the Twin Falls Temple because it was cold!!

Like I said, Brookie was a pill the whole time and wouldn't cooperate to take one family picture.

While we were there, there were people jumping off the bridge with parachutes and landing next to the water at the bottom. Not sure what it's called. . .paragliding, parachuting, who knows. Whatever it was, it was cool to watch them jump off the bridge.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Chjristmas 2009

This year for Christmas for the first time we actually did Christmas with just our little family, the 3 of us on Christmas Day. At first I was a little bit sad but then as Brookie's excitment grew, so did mine. She actually understood the whole Santa thing this year so it was fun. When she woke up on Christmas morning we went out and opened presents while I had sticky buns cooking in the dutch oven.

We didn't have to be anywhere till noon so we spent the morning playing with her new gifts and just relaxing. Here she is in this princess tent thing.

She sure got spoiled this year which I didn't purposely do. The Sleeping Beauty vanity set that she's sitting out was my big purchase on Black Friday. That is what I went out for at midnight and was at Toy's R us for for 3 hours. It was an awesome sale and she absoultely loves it! So it was worth it!

This was definately the princess year. Most everything she got was princess related.
At noon we headed over to Lane's parents home where I cooked majority of the meal. This was my first time cooking for Christmas and so not everything turned out just like my mom's. The rolls burned a little on the bottom, the cheesy vegetables were a little bit overcooked and my bannana cream pie was runny. It was still very good and now I learned a little bit for next year!