Friday, May 28, 2010

Just a bunch of randomness

Brookie's checking his ears out
Hudson is such a happy baby, I've been able to catch a few of his smiles on camera. I absoultely love his blue eyes!!!
Brookie took this picture of herself and yes, she has oreos all over her face!

These next two pictures need a little bit of an explanation. I think. . .I'm not totally sure but whenever she's getting dressed or in the bath and is naked I always say, "I see your cute little bum bum." Well now she does this stance and sticks out her bum and says, "Can you see my cute little bum bum?" It's absolutely hillarious!!! Ok maybe only to us, maybe you have to be there.

Petting Zoo

A few weeks ago while Lane had a whopping 4 day break in between semesters of school we went to the petting zoo at Thankgsving Point.

Hudson slept the entire time, which made it super easy.
This is a huge change from last year. . .riding the horse all by herself! Last year she wouldn't even get on one.

This is on the carriage ride.

It was a fun family outing!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hudson's Blessing

On May 2, 2010 we gave our baby boy a name and a blessing. Hudson Lane Pont was given a beautiful blessing by his dad, Lane. We were surrounded with friends and family.
These pictures were taken before church. Helping me make breakfast. I believe we made french toast (Brookie's favorite.) We honestly have it 2-3 times a week!!!

Handsom blue eyed boy!

After church we went to my Mom and Dad's house for lunch.
Twiggs side: Hudson and me, my dad on the right and his dad (my grandpa) on the left
Pont side: Lane and Hudson, his dad on the left and his grandpa on the right. The all look alike. This tells you what Lane will look like and 50 and at 80!

Our family of 4!! Brookie didn't want to take pictures she was busy playing with all the kids!

This amazing woman is my mother!! She is incredible!

Hudson in his blessing outfit, a little white tux that was adorable!! There is a jacket that goes with it too but he was hot and hungry!

It's not very often that all of my family and spouses are together. Between work and school schedules it's very hectic. But all of my siblings were there and it meant the world to me. So here is the lastest picture of the Twiggs family.

Back: Lane and Hudson, me and Brookie, Dad, Mom, Emily and Landon, her husband Uriel
Front: Kyle and his fiance' Katelyn, Erin and her husband Travis

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Who Does He Look Like?

These were taken when they were both about 7 weeks old. The first one is Brookie, obviously because she has a bow, and the second one is Hudson. . .

I say he looks exactly like Brookie, what do you think?