Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Strawberry Days

We absolutely love Strawberry Days!! First up. . .the baby contest! I entered Hudson in and put him in the 4-6 month age group. He wasn't quite 4 months yet but close enough. He was 1 week away! I also entered him in the special category one. He won the 4-6 month age group for boys. I thought he was the cutest thing there of course.
The blue shirt really brought out his blue eyes, which I just love!!
Just a few pictures of him in his outfit with his trophy and certificate thingy!

Then there was the carnival! Me and Brookie met up with Laci and Ashlee and the girls to ride the rides!! I took 2 pictures and then my camera died! Lovely! The rest of the pictures are on Laci's camera. So here is Brookie and Eva, they had so much fun!!! I tried funnel cake for the first time and loved it! It was totally worth the $5 I had to pay for it!

Then there was the rodeo! Me, Erin and Brookie went and had a blast! We got some delicious strawberries 'n cream, I could eat that all the time!!!

I thought this was pretty cool. Those are buffalo on top of the trailer. Brookie loves the rodeo, she has been wanting to go since we went to it last year and asked me almost everyday!

Me and Brookie went back to the carnival one night while Lane was working since we had nothing better to do and lets be honest. . .I wanted more strawberries 'n cream! I let her ride more rides so she was in heaven. And lastly on Saturday was the parade. Brookie was in it with her dance studio. She sat on a trailer and rode the whole time. I didn't take any pictures of her but I'm pretty sure she had a good time! I didn't see her at all because I was in the parade as well with Hudson with all the baby contest winners. My good friend from high school, Kalli walked with me. Her baby boy, Oliver won the 0-9 month Strawberry Days baby boy. We put both boys in my double stroller and Kalli decked it out all cute and we walked in the 90 degree weather together! It was great!!

It was quite the busy week but it's one of our favorite weeks of the entire year!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

What a stud at 3 months old!!

Trying to hold up that big head of his!

We were at a restaurant waiting for other people to get there. She grabbed a notebook out of Lane's backpack and said, "I have to go do homework" and went and sat on the bench and did who knows what!

She loves this cat! I hate it but keep it for her!!

Aquariam and Zoo

I love summer!!! We recently went to the Aquarium with Aunt Erin and loved seeing the penguins!

Erin, Brookie and Lane by the jellyfish

Brookie driving the boat
Nice face Lane!!!
Brookie was a little apprehensive of the sting rays. I was actually surprised she stuck her hand in the water. She didn't ever actually touch one.

The penguins are the newest addition to the Aquarium and are the coolest part of the whole thing. . .in my opinion. It totally reminded me of the movie Happy Feet, it used to be a favorite of Brooklyn's but she has moved on to bigger and better things:)

Next was the zoo. . .not in the same day though!! Me, Erin, my mom, Brookie, Hudson and my nephew Landon went.
First up. . .the choo choo train!
Mom and Landon. He totally looks like he's on drugs but I promise he isn't.
Hudson is honestly such a good baby. Always smiling and very happy! I love it!
I love his little smile too!

Brookie loves the carousel but hates to have her picture taken, which really irritates me!
See!! In front of the giraffes but not very happy because she is having her picture taken!
This gorilla was sitting right up next to the glass just staring at all the kids. Brooklyn wasn't quite sure what to think.
Landon was more interested in going around the gorilla instead of posing and having his picture taken.
We totally wore them out, which was exactly our plan!!! They were totally gone with in a few minutes of getting in the truck!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Brookie's Dance Recital

Clear back in May, I'm a little behind, Brookie had her first dance recital and she did so good!! She absolutely loved being up on stage and totally hammed it up!!! Every day since then she has been asking if she gets to go on stage again! They preformed 2 dances that they have been learning all year long and then the whole dance studio did an Alice in Wonderland production. Brooklyn was an oyster! Brookie is looking behind her and next to her is her friend Lexi. Here's Huddy Buddy watching his big sister!
Brookie is the one who kind of stomps across the stage and then puts her hand in the air and flaps it. Then during the dance she is the 3rd from the right. I love her jumping jacks at the very end!!
Once again she is 3rd from the left and I love how her little arm just gets a swinging!

She is the 2nd one in, the one who falls on her bum but gets right back up and starts a shaking her cute little bum!