Friday, January 30, 2009

Pizza Night

Homemade pizza is one of our favorite foods to make. We took advantage of having Lane home for the night and invited his family over to our house and made pizza for them. We make the dough which is super easy and fast. We have a kitchen aid but I guess it's a smaller once because I'm not able to put all the flour in without it going everywhere so here is Lane mixing in the last few cups. And of course Brookie is helping.

I love her face in the picture below!

You can use the same dough for pizza, cinnamon rolls and bread. It's all delicious. Except for this one particular time I used really hot water and it killed the yeast, so the cinnamon rolls and bread didn't rise. My loaf of bread looked like pita bread and the cinnamon rolls were pretty much minature cinnamon things. They didn't taste very good, the pizza turned out really well, just not anything else. Oh well it was still a fun night to have family over and spend time together.

I even got into the mess. By the time we were done, flour was everywhere; all over the floor, table, counters, me and Brooklyn, EVERYWHERE! But it's okay Brookie enjoyed it and it cleaned up really easy.

After dinner the boys went to Lane's ward basketball game while the girls stayed home with the kids. I have really grown to love my in laws. When we first got married almost 4 years ago I never thought we'd be where we are today with our relationship with his parents. I can say I truly love them and I know that they love me too.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I want a good song!

Our camera is fixed!!! Yay!! I had Lane take it to a camera store and told them what was wrong and he looked at the lens at there was a big huge fingerprint, thanks Brookie! Well it was painless and free so it's okay.

A funny thing that Brookie does is we'll get in the car to go somewhere and she says, "Mamma I want a good song." I turn on Carrie Underwood 'Wasted' and she says, "yeah this a good song." So I sing it to her and she has the funniest facial expression, she sings along to the chorus. I am so sick of the song though because to her it's the only good song there is. I even turn on a different song by Carrie Underwood and she freaks out. I remember when she was a brand new baby, if she was screaming in the car I would turn on Rascal Flatts and it would put her right to sleep.

Lane is halfway done with his CNA course and is really enjoying it. He's already signed up for an EMT course which starts right after the CNA one. Hopefully after he's finished the EMT course he'll be able to get a pretty decent job. Brooklyn has adjusted well to all the changes that have been going on lately. We just love having her in our lives!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Singing with Grandma

I am finally able to get the videos off my camera. This is from Christmas up at the cabin, she is singing with my mom. Notice the bear in the background!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Car Show

Don't mind all the pictures, something is up with my camera and it needs to be fixed!! It makes me so mad! Oh well so sorry the pics are blurry maybe one of these days I'll have someone look at it. Anyways, today we went to the Car Show. I'll be honest, I wasn't all that thrilled to go but we asked Brookie if she wanted to go look at the cars and she said, "Yeah!!" We went with Lane's Dad and sister.

Brookie actually enjoyed going, for the most part she just sat in her stroller and looked at the cars.

Don't know what these are, but they're really nice! Stupid camera.

Someday I will own one of these, a Cadillac Escalade, soooo nice!!

Some more that I don't know what they are.

A car with handprints all over it!

It wasn't that exciting but it was fun to get out and spend some time with Daddy!! After we left here we headed over to Pei Wei for lunch which is like P.F. Changs but faster and cheaper! It was so good, I think I like it better than P.F. Changs!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Ever since Lane lost his job doing mortgages a couple months ago, things are been pretty stressful and it's been an adjustment for the whole family. Thankfully I had my job and he had his 2nd job working as a server at nights at Chilis. We've been debating what the next step would be. He was looking for a job but never found anything. So he decided to go back to school, some things fell into place and it worked out that he started yesterday. He is taking a CNA course offered through IHC which is only 6 weeks long. Hopefully when he's done he'll be able to get a job at the hospital, don't worry we are aware that CNA's don't do a whole lot or make very good money. We feel like it is a step in the right direction. Lane has always wanted to do something in the medical field but neither one of us can get to excited about all the years of school. And for the past 4 years he had a really good job that we benfeited from. We are where we are today for the job he had. We were able to buy our first home, I was able to be a stay at home mom, and we pretty much had the luxury to do whatever we wanted. So I don't regret those 4 years one bit! But I hate the fact that we're starting back at square one. Better late than never. After this 6 week course is done, he'll most likely go back to school get his associate degree (which he almost has) and then continue on for something in the medical field. He's not sure what speciality but that's why we're hoping he'll get a job in the hospital and then he'll be able to see what he wants to do. I'm excited becuase I know Lane has the potential to do something great! I'm grateful for the jobs we do have know that have helped us through these rough times.

Brookie is growing up more and more everyday. We finally put her in a "big girl bed." I've put it off for so long for 3 reasons:
*we didn't need the crib for another baby
*I didn't want to buy a new bed
*I didn't want to have to fight her to stay in it, I like the fact that she was caged in the crib

Well one night at like 2:00 a.m. she is freaking out so I go in there and she refuses to sleep in her crib. She wanted to sleep in the big bed with mom and dad. Well I wasn't about to go for that so we took her crib mattress out of the crib and on the floor and told her in the morning we would get her a big girl bed. It worked and she slept on the floor. The next morning I sent Lane over to my parents to get one of our old twin beds. He set it up and she loves it. Sometimes I have to go in there and put her back in bed. She's pretty good about not getting out because I threaten her life if she does! Not really but I tell her she'll be in big trouble.

We spent New Years with our dear friends Todd and Rachel. It was our last Hoo-Ra before they left for Florida. We watched the movie "Leatherheads" which was pretty lame before we watched the ball drop. It was good to see them before they left, and we miss them, but we're already planning a vacation to Florida.
Here are a few pictures with Todd and Rachel. We love you!