Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shaving Party

With Lane's Dad in Chemo, he was starting to loose his hair. I think he was in denial and wanted to wait as long as he could before shaving it off. Once he decided it was time, we all went down to a hair school in Provo that Lane knows the owner so we had enough free hair cuts for everyone. I was having a bit of a panic attack because Hudson has these long curly locks that I was hesitant to cut off. Tim and Steph told me I didn't have to shave his head if I didn't want too. I felt like by me allowing to shave his hair it's my way of showing support to Tim. And hair is such a worldly thing that I can sacrifice, it grows back. . .hopefully curly!!

Before we started Tim was pulling his hair out and showing the kids. Brookie pulled out a bunch and threw it away. I think she was a little grossed out.

You can't blame me for thinking twice (or 3 or 4 or 5) times about cutting those locks off!!!
Here is the before shot of all the boys!

Hudson had a rough time to say the least. He was scared of the buzzers. So sad :(

Look at that lip!
It took me holding his body, Tiff holding his head and 2 sweet girls trying to shave his head.
Daddy trying to calm him down, showing him that he was doing too!

And the mohawk shot!!! Notice Hudson doesn't have a mohawk because obviously we were having a rough time.
And the rest must go. . .

Jayden all done!
This seriously was a huge ordeal! I knew I was going to cry because I seriously love Hudson's hair. But I was crying because he was freaking out and I felt bad that we were doing it. But by that point it was too late to turn back. We just had to push forward and get it done.
Once Jayden was done, he came over and held Hudson's hand and talked to him. Hudson calmed right down and stopped screaming.
It was seriously the cutest thing ever!
And then he got him to smile and laugh!!

How cute is he!!!??
The finished product!!

After it was all said and done, I was sooo glad I did it! He looks so freaking adorable!! Him and Lane look identical now! I feel like with his shaggy hair you over looked his facial features, now all you see is that cute face of his!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas 2011

Slowly but surely I will get caught up. Christmas this year we spent Christmas Eve with Laci and her family. She made a delicious meal and then we let the kids decorate cookies and open presents.

They were all a little crazy, to say the least.
The girls had matching jammies. . .
The boys had matching jammies. . .
The Mom's had matching jammies. . .
And we looked for the Dad's but didn't find anything, besides they probably wouldn't have like to have matching clothes!!

After the fun night there we head home and put the kids to bed. And then Santa came!!!

I think Hudson was a little overwhelmed because there was so much to do and to look at!!

We made him take a picture with the hat on and obviously he hated it!

After we had opened all our presents we headed over to Lane's parent's house where we opened more presents and had breakfast.

This little man is obsessed with dart guns! I mean OBSESSED!!! He loves them!

After a delicious breakfast we went home and all took a nap and then headed up to the cabin to be with my family. On the way up we had a slight mishap. For some reason I was driving, don't ask me why, Lane ALWAYS drives when we are together. Well on this delightful Christmas Day I was driving and Lane mentions that he wants to see a deer so that we can show Hudson, well about 3 minutes later we saw one. . .and hit it. Yes on Christmas I hit a deer. It was great! We got out and looked at the car and there was some damage and all of sudden Brookie is out of the car all concerned. I hit the deer and then proceeded to run it over, I was sure it would be dead lying in the road. Nope it got up and ran away! Stupid deer!! It cost $1700 worth of damage, thank goodness for insurance.
Once we got up to the cabin we had an amazing dinner and opened presents yet again. By this time Hudson was done opening presents and just wanted to play so I only have one picture. But we had fun, spent the night there with the whole family except for Coleen. She was missed. We had a great Christmas!!