Sunday, September 18, 2011

2nd round of Preschool

I was really hesitant this year about preschool, just because I felt like she was sooo ready for Kindergarten. She misses the deadline by 1 day!! I didn't even think I could fight it with the school but then I started wondering if I had her tested if they would have let her go. Anyways. . .I didn't and she's doing another year or preschool. It's at a different place than last year, it's at an elementary school rather than someone's house, and she LOVES it. I didn't get a very good vibe from the teacher and other parents but she has so much fun. They go to the computer lab and play on (which she is very familiar with), she loves going to library and reading books, and there is the playground they have played on every single day and in the winter they will have gym time. I was really worried because she wasn't coming home with any papers or anything to show me that they have been doing but the teacher keeps a lot of stuff there are the school. But slowly she is starting to bring home papers.

Here she is all ready to go!

Showing her back pack!
It's crazy what a difference a year makes! I remember taking her last year and she was really nervous, luckily she had a friend in her class which helped a ton. This year she was a little nervous just because she didn't know anyone but she went to class just fine. Next year she will walk right into Kindergarten without even looking back! She is growing up so fast!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Brooklyn is 5

This year Brookie said she wanted a Cowgirl Party!! So she got cowgirl boots and a hat and we went and took pictures to put on the invitations. Which I don't have a copy of the invitation but it was SUPER cute!! Laci Arias took these pictures.

We. . .and by we I mean, mostly Laci did a lot of work. She should be some type of party/event planner. I swear we were up till 2 a.m. every night for about 2 weeks trying to get stuff done. The party was a HUGE success, the kids loved it! I'll let the pictures do most of the talking!

My cousin made this cute cowgirl cake

This was "Panning for Gold" I found this idea on Pinterest, you mix food coloring with the rice. It's like a sand box but less messy and much prettier looking. This was a BIG hit with the little guys.

This was a target shooting set up, not such a big hit.

We had "Pin the Braid on the Cowgirl"

Birthday Girl was up first!

Here's Eva
Mia and Brookie were the closest!

I made little booklets for all the kids to color and they had activity pages.

Told ya this was a big hit. These 3 little ones were entertained for quite some time. At one point Hudson was actually sitting in the bucket!!

Pinata Pictures, yes the tongue helps her!

This is her neighbor friend, Olivia, with a MEAN face, and yes that helps as well!




No one broke it so I ended up opening it and scattering the candy everywhere!

We loaded the kids up in the back of the truck and drove around the corner for a BIG surprise!!! Which we didn't even need to go to the surprise, the kids thought driving in the back of the truck was sooo cool!!!

The BIG surprise is they got to ride a Horse!!! First up was the birthday girl of course!! She absolutely loved it!!
Hudson wanted to jump over the fence!

I was the designated driver for the little ones. I love Hudson's faces in these pictures!

Most of the kids. Back row: Eva, Olivia, Brookie who has her arm around Hudson :), Lexi
Front row:Mia, Brent, Jayden

The wind kept blowing the fire out. . .
So we just had her blow out the lighter instead! She didn't seem to care.
Laci made this!!! No pattern, she just whipped it out! This will be her Halloween costume. She will be Jessie and Hudson will be Woody.

The scooter is from Mom and Dad. She has been driving it around literally everyday!!!!

The grand finale of the night was the present that Papa made for her. I found a website online that gives you the plans to build things for free. I showed it to my Dad, he made some changes and Da-Ta! He made me paint it, which was a nightmare!! But Brookie loves it!!!

Here is the finished product, all set up in her room. I still have some work to do, I'm going to put carpet on the stairs and make some cute curtains but she LOVES it!!! Every night she is excited to go sleep in her bed!
I love her face sticking thru!!