Friday, November 4, 2011

HaLlOwEeN 2011

We had so much fun this year! I had to work during the day and Lane had clinicals so my Mom watched the kids and Hudson loved making rootbeer with her. When Lane and I were done we got the kids are dressed and ready and took pictures and then headed to the ward "trunk or treat."
Woody and Jessie

My friend Laci made Brookie's skirt and shirt and Hudson's vest. They turned out sooo cute!!!
The ward did the trick or treating around the track so I guess technically it wasn't a "trunk or treat."

Laci and Hugo and their kids came with us. Brookie and Eva the monster!

Little man loved it!! I love the smirk on his face!

The cutest Jessie in town!

After the trunk of treat we went over to my Mom's where Lane took Brookie and Landon around to a few houses. I believe he was Optimus Prime from Transformers?

We had yummy taco soup, corn bread and homemade rootbeer. Then trying to get a picture of all the Twiggs' grandkids is a little bit of a nightmare, but this is a pretty good one.
Then over to the Pont house where we hurried at got a picture and ran out the door to do some more trick or treating!

There are some really cute houses all decorated in their neighboorhood. The bubbles were a big hit with the kids, especially Hudson. He has recently learned to say "bubble" and is quite obsessed with them. So he ran around saying, "bubble bubble bubble!!!"

I'm not quite sure what this guy is suppose to be, but we were the only ones brave enough to have our picture taken with him. Hudson isn't quite sure but he didn't have a choice since I was holding him!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Activities

I have not had a camera, hence the reason there have been no posts! But we have a new one and are back in action! Recently I took the kids to Hee Haws, which was a lot of fun!

They had a lot of fun in the corn box!

It's so nice that Brookie is old enough to take her brother for these type of rides. I don't worry about him at all because she is such a good sister!

They have animals that you can pet and feed. Hudson wasn't really into feeding them, he was a little bit scared of them to be honest, which is funny because last time we went he was all over them.

Brookie on the other hand was all about feeding them!

Hudson going down the slide, Brookie would not go down the slide by herself, so there are no pictures of her.

They hay ride with Hannah and Hailey

We made cookies to frost, I have 2 "counter rats" as my parents would call us who have to be on the counter right next to me as I'm cooking.

We carved pumpkins and I learned I HATE it!!! It's very time consuming, the little ones can't even carve them because it's too hard, Brookie wouldn't get the "guts" out, it was too gross, she said.

So this is her sad looking pumpkin because I do not have the patience to do this. Next year we will stick to painting a face on.
Laci and Hugo totally get into carving!

Hudson's sad looking pumpkin, I made. Like I said, we won't be doing this next year!!