Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Temple Square

I'm pretty sure we pick the worst night to go to Temple Square. It wasn't snowing but it was FREEZING cold. We tried to make the best of it but with 2 very cold and tired little ones it wasn't great. We rode TRAX which was a first for Brookie and she thought it was pretty cool. I forgot how long it takes to get to Temple Square because of all the stops but it was a new experience.

On our way up there

This is how she was the whole time. Just stared out the window.

This isn't the greatest family picture but like I said we weren't in the greatest mood.

On our way back home. Hudson and his only 2 teeth!

They both were happier once we were warm and on our way home. They both fell asleep on the way home.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

First Haircut

At 9 months old, Hudson had his first "real" haircut. His hair grows so fast that he has had a few snips here and there. But this haircut was an all over cut.



We tried everything to get him to sit still. Jayden, his 5 year old cousin was the one taking pictures and giving him toys. Kaylie, his 3 year old cousin was feeding him fruit loops.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Festival of Trees

Festival of Trees has become a family tradition for us. Each year Lane's mom buys the girls matching Christmas dresses and all the grand kids get their picture taken with Santa. None of them are too found of him. All we ask for are no tears. I have to bribe Brooklyn with everything to get her to stand there. It's totally worth it though!

Hudson was fascinated with Santa's beard :)

They have a whole section of games and crafts for little kids. It's a big hit with her.
This is a dinosaur tree with hundreds of little figurines. They always have amazing trees that I'm all caught up in that I forget to take pictures:)

Friday, December 3, 2010

9 Months

I can't believe Hudson is 9 months old! At about 8 1/2 months he started crawling all over the place. There are a lot more tears at our house now because he thinks he can go places he can't and gets stuck and cries or he hits his head on everything. But other than that he is the happiest baby still.
He weighs 21 lbs (52%)
He is 28 inches long (32%)
And his head is 17 inches (38%)
At 9 months he doesn't really like baby food anymore, he prefers the good stuff. He eats pretty much anything you give him!

He loves the bath! Since this picture was taken he has graduated out of this little tub and now just sits in the big tub. He lays on his belly and just kicks his arms and legs and splashes while laughing the whole time.
When Brookie is taking a bath, he loves to stand on the side and dip his little chubby fingers into the water.

Just within the past couple days he has started to pull himself up on everything. And just today he stood all by himself for a couple of seconds. His face was priceless. He lifted his arms in the air and grinned and me like, "Look mom, no hands!"

He is just crawling all over the place!! He first always goes for the bathroom where the cat food is.

He loves to play peek a boo. He'll pull a shirt or a blanket over his head and wait for you to say, where's Hudson. Then he'll lower the blanket and you say peek a boo and he just laughs. He has got the word Ma Ma down pretty good. Says it all the time, which of course I love!!!